Following the signing of the Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA) in 2004, and the operationalization of the NTCF in 2006, the Fund has effectively disbursed over US$9,313,435.24. The breakdown of the disbursements is as follows: US$940,010.00 was for completed projects, while US$8,373,425.24 is for ongoing projects. So far, over one hundred (100) projects have been considered under the window of the NTCF. Of this number, thirty (32) projects have been approved with nine (9) fully concluded and termination reports received from the AfDB on them, while a further twenty three (23) are at various stages of implementation and therefore classified as ongoing.

Sixteen (16) projects are undergoing processing before Ministerial approval can be sought on them. Fifty two (53) projects on the other hand have been rejected for various reasons ranging from non-conformity with the NTCF’s specific areas of intervention, conflict between the project and Nigeria’s national interest/national policy, non alignment to DTCA short, medium and long term strategic plans, to outright withdrawal of the Project by requesting party.