Given the growing globalization of world economies vis-à-vis the fragmented and fragile African economies, the Nigerian Government saw the urgent need to adopt a more strategic, practical,
integrated and pragmatic approach in giving assistance to the Regional Member Countries through the instrument of technical cooperation.
Predicated on the need for Nigeria to become more proactive and dynamically focused in its framework of foreign policy directive and interests, the Nigerian Technical Cooperation Fund (NTCF) was established as a special funding window created from the Nigerian Trust Fund (NTF) and domiciled at the African Development Bank (AfDB).

In order to assert Nigeria’s continued leadership role in Africa, there was the need to re-engineer the nation’s foreign policy thrust by creating a specialized technical assistance fund that would promote integration for the sustainable development of the African continent.
It was the promotion of this new facet of Nigeria’s foreign policy thrust that prompted the Nigerian Government to create the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (DTCA), under the then Ministry of Cooperation and Integration in Africa (MCIA), now merged in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the implementing Agency of this foreign policy thrust.
The mandate and mission of the DTCA essentially focuses on the critical need for bridging the widening economic and technological gap between Africa and the developed world by creating the enabling environment and opportunity for Nigerian professionals and indeed those of African descent to invest their immense intellect, expertise and skills into the economies of Africa.
sThe vision of DTCA is therefore, to continually sensitize and effectively mobilize African experts and professionals both within Africa and the Diaspora to participate in the development process of Africa, and to create an enabling environment that will facilitate the required participation of experts in the development process.